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Subject: The Last Dialogue “Your content is amazing.”
Date: 2021-04-27 01:31
From: Hasan Zia <[email protected]>
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Hey. Asa

My name is Hasan and I am from India.
I have been reading your articles for quite a long time now. I really want to appreciate the research you did on the topics and the facts you presented to support them. I have been studying religions scientifically as they are area of my interests, your articles really helped in that. May God bless you.

Also I wanted to start a youtube channel about miracles of Quran with explanations and proven scientific facts and I think I am gonna need some content from your articles, hence i am writing you down to take permission for that same. Please revert on this if you are allowing me to do it. Below are my contact details if you want to connect.


Hasan Zia
Phone: 91-***********
Email: ***********


Dear Hasan

Thanks for your compliments. The material on TLD (the Last Dialogue) is copy right protected. However you are allowed to use it for educational purposes but it should not be a copy-paste of the full article. The proper way is to use only a small excerpt (usually few lines or max. a para) of the work you like and then providing a read more link and a URL for that work.

But because you are going to use it in videos. then you can use even more content but provide the reference/citation not only in description but also in the video.

Please find below two basic articles on this topic which will help you understand the best way to use the material available on the internet or elsewhere.

Best regards


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Subject: The Last Dialogue “Quran Summary”
Date: 2020-04-24 23:40
From: Madiha <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
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Assalam o ALikum
I am currently reading the Surah wise summary of Quran from you website and find it very simple and understandable. I want to use the information given on your website in some of my blog posts, with reference / backlinking it to your website. I hope you won’t mind.
Thank You


Thanks Madiha for the compliment. Off course you can use the site content as a reference.
Only one request that it should be excerpts from the site with proper reference and not copy pasting of content as it will create duplicate content on internet and copyright issues.

Have a great day
Best regards