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Qibla / Sacred Mosque Controversy: God’s House At Wrong Place – Petra vs Mecca

A Reply To Dan Gibson, Patricia Crone, Jay Smith & Others

Image of Kaaba In Mecca
I am writing this article after getting many emails from concerned Muslims from all over the world and especially from the USA, UK, France and Eastern Europe regarding new propaganda based on some research concluding that Muslims are praying towards the wrong Qibla. This is such a big “Fitna” a Trial that the majority of Muslims have no idea of it right now. It’s just started aggressively after 2017 when a new research came out. Although previously there were attempts by people of other religions and also some archaeological, historical research work backing their claims, but the magnitude it gained after Dan Gibson books “The Nabataeans”, “Quranic Geography” and “Early Islamic Qiblas” is to such an extent that those Muslims that are living on the edge of their faith can become its victim.

The apostate Muslims who have their websites and youtube channels…all of a sudden they all become active. And all this is not a coincidence. Not only this but the false claimant of Holy figures like “Al Yamani” Ahmed Al Hassan and others alike, also propagating the same idea that Islam has not started from Mecca and Muhammad PBUH was not born there and the Sacred House is not in Mecca but somewhere in Northern Arabia.

Early Islamic History Debate: Islam’s Birthplace

Ruins Of A Building In Old Petra City
This is not a coincidence that all this started simultaneously and when even many Muslim scholars are not well aware of this happening, how come that all apostate groups of Muslims, the false claimants of the title of Mehdi/&Al Yamani started propagating this along with Christians and Jews. And all this surprisingly started simultaneously. The reason is simple, they all have the same source of funding. They all have their ropes moving from the same place. It is such a big Trial that Muslim scholars don’t even have an idea. Also because it is such a recent phenomenon thus there is no detailed reply available from any Muslim scholar about this issue. For some Muslims and apostates, I know that there is also hatred, malice, grudge and animosity against the House of Saud that also seems to come out under cover-up of this research. Discrediting the present-day status of the Holy Kaaba the Sacred Mosque and its legitimacy as the House of God and thus discrediting Saudi Arabia’s status as the custodian of Kaaba. But is this the way to deal with this political issue? This conspiracy is not limited to discredit Mecca only but the actual goal is to shake the ground of the very foundation of the religion of Islam and ultimately creating doubts in the hearts of Muslims about the authenticity and unaltered status of the Quran.

This claim is not such novel as before Gibson this type of reasoning was originally started by Patricia Crone and Michael Cook. Gibson in his books raised 24 points. When I evaluated these points I was able to see a clear agenda, which is to raise so much dust that no one could see anything. And thus creating doubts about the very origin of the Islamic religion. Some people say that he is only a researcher and he just brought forward what has come to his knowledge and findings. But that’s not true. The way he wrote his books and the little baseless points he put forward just to build his case to prove his theory at any cost is not appropriate for the purpose of pure academic research. I should preferably say that he is not a researcher, archaeologist or a historian but a filmmaker whose only intention is to present fiction in a cinematic larger than life way and during this distort the facts by presenting and imposing multiple fictitious data and questions in a way that no one could see anything about the baselessness of his claim but get trapped in the jugglery of data, words and false claims.


1: Becca Is Not Mecca
2: Why Previous Prophets Never Visited Mecca
3: Battle For Medina, Attack From Northern Side
4: The Order Of The Battle For Mecca
5: Change Of Qibla Commandment
6: Mecca, Mother Of Cities?
7: Mecca had Greenery & Agriculture
8: Mecca Had Fruits As Provision
9: Mecca Was Near To The Valley Of Sodom
10: Safa Marwa Height & Distance
11: Quran’s Focus On Northern Arabia
12: No Record Of Quran’s Old Manuscripts
13: Ibn e Zubyr Moved The Black stone to Mecca

14: Early Mosques Qibla Issue
15: Nothing Mentioned About Muhammad In 600’s & 700’s
16: More Refutation Of Gibson & Jay Smith
17: Was It Possible To Keep Such A Secret
18: Mecca Description In Quran
19: Mecca As A Barren Valley
20: Mecca As A Secure Sanctuary
21: Quran’s Mention Of Idolatry
22: Petra Claim At Odds With Facts
23: Perfect Place For The Security Of A New Religion
24: Byzantine Issue
25: Migration To Ethiopia