Abu Talib: The uncle of Prophet Muhammad. Was Abu Talib a Muslim?

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Prophet’s uncle

Boycott of Quraysh

was abu talib a muslimI already told you that Kaaba in Mecca housed hundreds of idols which were important to the various tribes and people of Arabia at the time. Now keep in mind that after Muhammad’s declaration of prophethood and his saying that there’s no god but God it’s very threatening to the establishment of Mecca. As this guy of the Quraysh tribe, the tribe that worships Hubal, the tribe that is in charge of Mecca, is now saying that Idol worship is a sin. And so Muhammad’s own tribe Quraysh begins to significantly persecute him and his early followers. Further, this also gives other clans like Ummayah an opportunity to settle their old grudges against Bani Hashim. So by all the conspiracies in 617 AD the leaders of Banu Makhzum and Banu Abd-Shams, two important clans of Quraysh boycotted Banu Hasim. Banu Hashim went with Abu Talib to his valley and gathered around him there. These days were very tough with them and sometimes they had to feed on the leaves of treas.

Abu Talib ibn Abd al Muttalib:

Supporting the Prophet: Protecting Muhammad from Quraysh

abu talib uncle of prophetNow let me here discuss Abu Talib, uncle of Muhammad who took charge of him after Abdul Muttalib. He protected Muhammad from Quraysh and in spite of all pressures, Abu Talib continued his support of Muḥammad, defending him from the other leaders of the Quraysh even when it put a rift between him and the Quraysh. The Quraysh even warned to fight the Banu Hashim over this conflict. They even tried to bribe Abu Talib. In one instance Abu Talib requested to Muhammad if he could stop what he is preaching as all are becoming their enemies. Muhammad responded, “Oh uncle! By God Almighty, I swear, even if they should put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left that I renounce this cause, I shall not do so until God withdrew this from me or caused me to die in the process. Seeing his nephew’s emotion, Abu Talib responded, “Go, nephew, and say what you like. By God, I will never hand you over for any reason. It is quoted from the Prophet, ”Quraysh feared me until Abu Talib was alive.

Was Abu Talib a believer Or was Abu Talib unbeliever?

Disputes between Muslims over Abu Talib’s faith

There are many disputes between Muslims over Abu Talib’s faith whether he died as a Muslim or unbeliever. The Shia school of thought believes that Abu Talib was a Muslim while Sunni says that Abu Talib did not formally accept Islam and died as a polytheist. Although Shia Muslims have also distorted their religion much and added many wrong things just like other sects of Muslims but as for Abu Talib they are right. The fact of the matter is that it is not only the old rivalry of Banu Ummayah with Banu Hashim but also within Banu Hashim, Banu Abbas who when overthrew the Umayyad dynasty tried to discredit Abu Talib by emphasizing that he died a pagan. Just to ascertain their claim of Caliphate a legitimate one through ancestral relationship to Muhammad and undermining the credibility of the ancestry of Ali son of Abu Talib by discrediting Abu Talib emphasizing that he died a pagan. Abu Talib was accused of being polytheist just to defame Ali to minimize his virtues and high qualities, which no other at all had except Ali. Not a single old companion of the prophet can claim that their fathers were believers nor were they themselves free from infidelity polytheism at some time of their lives. Whereas Ali was pure, since his birth in the Kaaba, and then his brought up by Prophet Muhammad himself and his acceptance of Islam before anyone else accepted, in a age so young when there is no concept of sin and no chances of sin.

Abu Talib the guardian and protector of prophet Muhammad

Proofs Muslims give that Abu Talib never accepted Islam

Muslims present many Quranic verses as proof of Abu Talib’s non belief like Surah Tauba 9:113, Surah Qasas 28:56 and Surah Inaam 6:26 while the fact of the matter is that they are all universal verses addressing in general to all and giving some principals as to how Allah judge between His slaves. The next verse 114 of Surah Tauba itself showing that after verse 113 Quran Gives the example of Abraham’s father in verse 114 as an enemy of God while the whole history shows that Abu Talib was an enemy to those who tried to bother Prophet Muhammad. I ask you a question you Muslims are over one billion in population today and all of you, I literally mean all of you think yourselves Muslims just because you recited the Shahada, a short oral declaration of faith. While Abu Talib didn’t. Just look at yourselves do you think this is the way your Lord will judge between His slaves on the day of judgment. I already told you in detail in Part 5 of this program that this would not be the case. While the fact of the matter is that majority of you who think yourselves Muslims are fuel of the fire.

Muslims argue about whether Abu Talib a Muslim OR Abu Talib died as a Kafir?

O Muslims you are the worst Nation Sky has ever seen!

Look at your deeds, your morals your character as I discussed in detail in part 4 of this dialogue. You are the worst nation the sky has ever seen. And you think Abu Talib was an unbeliever. Abu Talib who adopted Muhammad when he was a kid, took care of him. Preferred him over his own children. Abu Talib who later trusted upbringing of his own son Ali upon Muhammad. Abu Talib who never disputed or got angered with Muhammad when his young son Ali became his first follower, the first male to accept Islam at the age of ten. By my Lord how can someone give such a space to a person and then simultaneously disagree with that person’s ideology? By my Lord just check within yourselves that you dislike some ideology some belief or even some trivial thing for yourself but allow your ten years old son to follow that thing in front of your eyes and not only that instead of stopping that person you continue your help and support for that person.

Abu Talib who sacrificed everything for Muhammad, protected him from all the evil plannings of Quraysh, saved him from all the evil plots of Meccans. Suffered his trade his economy just for helping Muhammad. Faced a long three years of boycott from his tribe Quraysh but did not stop from helping supporting Muhammad. Abu Talib who then died during that boycott because of sufferings and hardships of that isolation. That Abu Talib was an unbeliever and you who call yourselves Muslims who are like locusts spreading all over the world in billions you all are believers. No by my Lord if all of you come together and put yourself on one side of the balance, the weigh of Abu Talibs deeds would be more than you. By my Lord, if all of you come together and become my enemy, I will surely fight with all of you until my Lord vanishes me or vanish you or He turns your heart.

Will come soon!

Will come soon!

Will come soon!

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