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At the first page you have written that ,christians, muslims, jews and budhs are not on the right path. Could you tell me that which religion is the right path in your opinion?

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Dear Ila
Hope you are doing well. I have not mentioned any religion on the first page. What I mentioned are communities/followers. You can see that I have written Jews, Christians, Budhs and Muslims, and then on the back side mentioned their crimes.

If I had to mention religions I could have written Judaism, Christianity, Budhism and Islam. Instead I work day and night for Bible and Quran and that’s why this site has become one among the biggest sites in the history of religions.

All religions have same source, God The Almighty, In the Revelations and Scriptures God sent, everything was same regarding God Himself and His Kingdom (This whole Universe), the differences mainly were in the moral teachings necessary as per that particular time frame of human evolution until that time when it reached to a certain stage of completion. But Mankind made alterations in scriptures, then said, “This is from God,” in order to exchange it for a small price. Religion was one for all mankind but these things divided humans in different religions and sects.

Those scripture and Words of God which are still in their original form, they have also changed and altered their meanings and interpretation by making a web of historical events, stories and human sayings around them.

This corruption is directly related to time, the older the message the greater the chances of its distortion. This time related pollution happened because of two main reasons. First because of not adequate means of preserving it in older times, wrongdoers got a chance to alter the message of God by hands for little worldly gains and secondly because of persecution. This persecution and fear of extinction forced communities to add certain things in their given scriptures to make people not runaway from them and simultaneously to attract new followers. These alterations related to persecution also made some humans divine. The greater a community faced persecution the greater the chances of alteration of scripture and divinity status of humans.

Its a long topic and I dont want to bore you further.

Have a great day
Best regards