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Subject: The Last Dialogue “Is this project still active? The last entry was April 2020”
Date: 2021-06-10 15:10
From: Crystal Dennis <[email protected]>
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I stumbled on your website last night while I was looking up something about Islam–I’m an American newly married to a Moroccan Muslim and have lots of questions. Overall I am most happy and comfortable with the Moroccan style of Islam and I spend a lot of time contemplating the need for religious structure especially with regards to childrearing, as my former life as an Elementary Montessori guide has shown me that children in the 9-12 age range have a tendency to struggle a great deal with morality when they a brought up in a privileged, non-religious, liberal-minded environment. Anyways, I just wanted to find out more about you and if this project is still active because I’m impressed by the slick layout and insightful content of you site! Hope you are well and have a great weekend!


Dear Crystal Dennis
Greetings of the day. Yes its very much active. The date you are referring actually related to one particular section of the website. Recently there are many new additions in Quran Miracles and Bible section of the website.

The Last Dialogue has thousands of citations in Wikipedia, Reddit, Quora and many sites of muslim scholars.

The latest contribution is a detailed research work and article which I wrote after getting many emails from concerned Muslims from all over the world.

I agree and you are 100% right about the importance of this age bracket in the upbringing of children.
Have a great day & weekend
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