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Subject: The Last Dialogue “Petra question”
Date: 2020-11-05 09:57
From: Emir <[email protected]>
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Peace be upon you my dear brother in deen . I came acros your website just about last night. Subject that directed me to this site was google search of term ” Thamud in Quran” I was interested in clear Quranic references.
I find what i was searching for and lot of more. I find You and your work, whit whom i’m fascinated! God bless you and reward you becouse of it.
Im born and raised as muslim, Europien one, of hanafi school of fikh. Last few years i got interested in history of Islam , particulary in what period it all started to be wrong, you know what am refering to, iw noticed that we have similar opinion on todays mainstream Islam. I have doubts in mainstrem history of islam, firstly books of hadiths and the period that they were compiled. I have doubts that first muslims was nomadic Arab tribes and beduins. How come iliterate beduin tribes in few yearrs conquered and ruled from India to Spain, buid all that magnificat arhitecture, guverned with all that diferent nations.. And in all that period they forget to write down the sira, prophetic sayings and life of Muhammad A.S. there must have been some literet man interested in doing that from Arabia to India and Spain. Unles they have a great civilization prior to Islam, and they used to travel a long distance, meet and trade with difrent cultures and civilizations and build a great arhitecturals sites, and Islam is only one step further for them. How come Makkah – Bakkah
in Quran is named ”Mother of all Settlements” prior to 6th centruy does not exist in any hystorical maps at al. No arceological findings of ancint civilisations, ancient shrines, roads … there are a large portion of problematic hadiths and explenations of Makkah that dont fit geographically presentday Hejaz and Makkah. I belive that early muslims were last people of Thamud- Nabateans that shared same culture with people of Ād and Quran is mentioning them all over sacred text. The religion of Islam was hijacked in some of early muslims civil wars. Just like today we have similar case in Saudi Arabia! You must have been heard the theory of Petra as birthplace of Islam, Im interested to hear from you, what are your thoughts on that subject.
Sorry for my bad english.
May God give you strength and courage to continiue with your work. Peace
Emir Karić
Tuzla- Bosnia


Dear Emir Karić

Greetings of the day

Thanks for your email and your compliments. The issue you pointed in your email has brought to me many times thru various emails from concerned Muslims living in USA and Europe and I thus decided to write a detailed article on this Petra/ Mecca controversy.

Please bear with me and I will send you the link as soon as I complete this.
Have a great rest of the day
Best regards


The article is complete please find the link below:

Qibla / Sacred Mosque Controversy: God’s House At Wrong Place – Petra vs Mecca