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date: Jan 17, 2020, 21:30
subject: The Last Dialogue “Intrested”

What are the objectives of this program


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Dear Amina
The objective is unity of humanity in general and of Muslims in particular. Regards


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You mentioned that this religion is known for poverty , people fighting with among themselves and illiteracy and this is due to the custodians or the religious leaders of this religion who have kept the science development and progress away from this religion. how can this be taken care then. this religion hasn’t been able to provide to the world any development for over 1000 years


from: The Last Dialogue <[email protected]>
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date: Jan 22, 2020, 6:57 PM
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Dear Amina, all this mishap with Muslims is not because of their religion but instead.. it is because of not following it. Muslims will never come out of this vicious cycle except by the Mercy Of My Lord..God The All Mighty The All Wise. This will happen only if they repent with tears in their eyes and softness in their hearts.

Religion is not a personal matter. No, it is a Way Of Life, and not taking it as a way of life is the reason for befalling of all the afflictions on Muslims. People say.. but we do not do any major sin. But this cannot save you from punishment as you are here in this world sent by God with some tasks. Not performing your tasks and duties will result in same outcome as was the way of God for previous nations. They are three major tasks for individuals and for nations as well: 1-Spreading the Divine Message 2-Standing against Zulm/Injustice 3-Establishing justice. If you think that you are living a normal life than in today’s circumstances you are actually doing a crime, as there are billions of people around who have been deprived of this “Normal Life”