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Subject: The Last Dialogue “Regarding prayer:Salat”
Date: 2021-07-04 09:47
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Respected Sir,

There is a group here which preaches that there is no salat,prayer in Islam. The meaning of establish parayer is not a verb transitive to make a Ruku, and Sijdha.
They cite a Sura Ankabut 29/verse 45, explaing that this verse only says that Salat will vanish immorality and evils, but the imam who leads the prayer himself is not free from immorality (faahish), and munker. Furhter this group argues that while salat is done Arabic,none understand it, and one should it at all wants pray, should pray ones mother tongue.

Request suitable and convincing respone please. Regards Shafee Ahmed.


Dear Shafee Ahmed

I have just completed a detailed article on Salah issue. Please find the link below

Have a great day



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Subject: Re: The Last Dialogue “Regarding prayer:Salat”
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Dear Brother
Assalamu Alaikum wr

Thank you very much for your complete treatise on salat,the contact prayermentioned in the Holy Quran.All your treatise on Islam, and related faiths through the last dialogue are superband everyday morning it is my routine to go through and learn a lot of information. .

The comparative references of salat in old scriptures are informative and educative too. Your explanation on the language/s  to follow in salah is also welcome and most appreciable.  Of course everyone would gratefully agree with your advice that at least a few portions must be in memory not only to understand the languageand also it would be great respect,and gratefulness shown conscientiously  to Allah for all His benevolence we are enjoying.

Thank you Brother for your fitting explanation on Surah Ankabut 29/45 on the Quranic verb “thanha”…meaning “prevents

I am very happy and anxious to understand the spiritual and physical benefits from the contact prayers. Your scientific explanation on the brain’s structure,and functioning is par excellent. 
Anyone who needs to approach a psychiatrist, the specialists observes the EEG to understand how calm/perturbed the subject’smind is. 

May I request what exactly Allama Gulam Ahmed Parvez message. 

I do regularly understand the meaning,roots,morphology of the Quranic grammar with the help of the Dukes corpus(dot)quran(dot)com.

Thanking you for your great help indeed

With warm regards

Shafee Ahmed