Bible Miracles: The David Inscription

Tel Dan Stele
Tel Dan Stele or the David inscription is a broken stele, inscribed stone, discovered in 1993–94 during excavations at Tel Dan in northern Israel. In Tel Dan, there was a man who was working named Abraham Biran who found this stone which consists of several fragments making up part of a triumphal writing in Aramaic, left most probably by Hazael an Aramean king who is mentioned in the Bible and an important regional figure in the late 9th century BCE. Hazael boasts of his victories over the King of Israel and his apparent ally the King of the “House of David.

For many years people said that David was a fabrication of the Israelite imagination because no archaeological finds had been discovered that verified his existence and yet this King’s inscriptions mentioning the house of David confirms Bible as Bible uses that very designation in 1 Kings 12:19

So Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David to this day.

The David inscription validated the biblical text. This proves that the Bible is a historically accurate book ever penned and hundreds of ancient discoveries verify its accuracy.

It is currently on display in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


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