Bible Miracles: The Evidence For Exodus

exodus of Israelites
Since centuries skeptics had their doubts on whether Exodus of Israelites from Egypt, crossing the Jordan River, and conquering the land really happened as they contend that Israelites were already part of an indigenous population in Canaan. Theory of the Israelites that contests they were already living in Canaan are based in part because archaeologists had not found any evidence for early Israelites in the east, particularly the Jordan Valley, during the Iron Age.

A recent discovery, however, provides physical evidence to support the biblical account. Excavations in Khirbet el-Mastarah, an area in the Jordan Valley, have unearthed numerous nomadic or semi-nomadic enclosures and structures dating back to the time of the Exodus.  If they are, this might fit the biblical story of the Israelites coming from east of the Jordan River, then crossing the Jordan and entering the hill country of Israel later. The location, isolated and hidden by surrounding hills, makes it a likely place a nomadic people would settle. The evidence also points to a “new population” entering the area.

All of this supports the biblical account of the Israelites wandering in the desert for decades before entering the land. This proves that the Bible is a historically accurate book ever penned and hundreds of ancient discoveries verify its accuracy.


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