Bible Miracles: Taylor Prism

Sennacherib’s Annals are the annals, a concise historical record in which events are arranged chronologically year by year, of the Assyrian King Sennacherib. They are found inscribed on a number of artifacts, and the final versions were found in three clay prisms engraved with the same text, one of which is Taylor’s Prism. The 3 Clay Prisms are Taylor Prism, Oriental Institute Prism and the Jerusalem Prism which are now placed in the British Museum,  Oriental Institute of Chicago, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem respectively.

In 1830 a man by the name of Robert Taylor uncovered a 15-inch tall clay cylinder. There are five hundred lines of the written text on this clay cylinder, and it was written that it was put there by a man named Sennacherib. The annals are notable for reporting his siege of Jerusalem during the rule of King Hezekiah. This event is recorded in several books contained in the Bible, including Isaiah chapters 36 and 37; 2 Kings 18:17; 2 Chronicles 32:9.

On the clay cylinder here’s what Sennacherib said

As to Hezekiah the Jew he didn’t submit to my yoke… I laid siege to 46 of his strong cities walled forts and to the countless small villages in their vicinity and conquered them by means of well-stamped earth ramps and battering rams.

It’s interesting when you compare Sennacherib statement of what he did with the biblical statement of what he did in 2 Chronicles 32:1 we read

…Sennacherib king of Assyria came and invaded Judah. He laid siege to the fortified cities…

This is exactly like Sennacherib says above that he did. This proves that the Bible is a historically accurate book ever penned and hundreds of ancient discoveries verify its accuracy.


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