Quran Miracle: Neuroplasticity – Hardships, Rituals & Good Habits

Miracles in Human Brain

Brain with moving mechanical parts
The average human brain has about 100 billion neurons or nerve cells and many more neuroglia or glial cells which serve to support and protect the neurons. Each neuron may be connected to up to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections, equivalent by some estimates to a computer with a 1 trillion bit per second processor.

Estimates of the human brain’s memory capacity vary wildly from 1 to 1,000 terabytes. For comparison, the 19 million books in the US Library of Congress represents about ten terabytes of data.

The cerebrum is the “thinking part” and also the biggest part of your brain. It is responsible to hold your memories and controls your muscles. Another part Cerebellum lies in the back of your brain, and its job is to maintain coordination, balance and movement. The brainstem links your brain to your spine. It is responsible for the activities you can’t control, like breathing, digestion, and your heartbeat.

Brain Anatomy Major Parts Animation

Quran Miracle: Enough Opportunities For Everyone

Brain Five Senses
Mostly people believe that everyone’s intelligence is fixed. We are born smart, dumb, or average and our ability for understanding and learning is determined by what we are born with. Actually, the factor that is responsible for a person’s level of intelligence at any age is their exposure to information and experience put together with the amount of time they spend learning.

Every time you learn a new fact or skill, you change your brain. It is something we call neuroplasticity. Thirty years ago, we thought that after puberty, the only changes that took place in the brain were negative i.e ageing loss of cells etc. but now research has shown us that all of our behaviours change our brain. And that these mutations are not limited by age. So your brain’s changing capacity i.e neuroplasticity is supported by three ways chemical, structural, and by functional changes. Research has shown that increased difficulty, increased struggle actually leads to both more learning, and more significant structural change in the brain.

Brain Training
So do not think yourself average or dumb and underestimate your potential. It is just a matter of training your brain. It is a world, a universe of possibilities. A slave can become a ruler, a weak can become the strongest person, an ignorant can become the most wise. A world of possibilities where anyone can reach to any level. It’s just a matter of how big a person thinks and how accurately he acts upon that. Most of the things are in your hand and with effort and struggle you can even change your capacities, capabilities and lastly your destiny. Remember most of the great men in human history were born to poor parents and in unfavourable conditions. But with their courage, dedication and struggle they changed not only their fate but the fate of all of humanity. To understand it more read Highly Logical Concept Of Destiny & Freewill in Quran.

Neuroplasticity And The Power Of The Brain

“Neurons That Fire Together, Wire Together”

Neurons synaptic connections
When you learn things, the brain sends signals and messages from one neuron to another. If you do the same thing for a longer period repeatedly, your brain ultimately makes a link, a connection or path between neurons. This makes tasks easier, and you can do them better and better. It’s same like crossing a field full of crops. The first time can be difficult but when you cross it several times fighting your way thru the crops, the bushes, the grass… eventually it will create a path within the field from going over it again and again.

Neuroplasticity at work
When you use a specific path or wire again and again, the relationship or connection between these