Highly Logical Concept Of Destiny & Freewill In The Quran

The Freedom Of Man In Setting His Destination

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Throughout history, there are lengthy debates on determinism and free will. Some follow the first school of thought others follow the second one. Now the answer is that reality is in between. That means man has a free will in the matter of his actions, although his free will is by divine decree. As per Quran, God is the ultimate and independent cause of all causes, so it is correct to relate all that exists to God. Similarly, because God has granted man free will in his actions, it is also correct to relate the actions of man to his own choice.

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When a chosen slave of God was asked this question by a man” What is Fate ?” he said,” Lift your one foot in the air.” the man did so. he then said,” Now lift the other one.” (while being in the same position) the man replied,” I cannot” he said,” This is the answer to your question. Half of it God has given to you in your hand, and the rest He has kept to Himself.” So in other words, Man is free to will what he wills but he cannot will what he wills. That is man is free to do a task a job in whatever manner he likes but to choose/reach and come across to that job is beyond his control.

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When another chosen slave of God asked this question, he replied “Whatever that you could blame man for it, is his action and whatever you could not blame him for it, is the act of God. God blames man for stealing, committing adultery etc. Thus, these are the acts of man. However, God does not blame man why he is not born rich or why his skin colour is black or fair. Thus, these are the acts of God.”

Do Not Blame Your Destiny

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O people therefore do not blame your destiny. It is actually only a few things that are determined, which are mainly related to your birth, parents and the place and