Mention Of Black Holes In The Quran

What Is A Black Hole

Event Horizon Animation

At the end of their life stars transform into a different form depending on the mass of the star. So for you, the primary thing to understand at least seven celestial objects white dwarfs, red giants, black holes, neutrino stars, Pulsars, nova, and supernova is that they all are transformed form of a star at the end of its life. The lifespan that God designed for the living beings had also been allocated for the stars. I already told you in part 16 that every day almost 275-400 million stars die and nearly 400 million new stars are born only in our observable universe.

Stars that have a lot of mass may end their lives as black holes or neutron stars. A Blackhole is thus a star’s transformation at the end of its life. The simplest definition of a black hole is an object that is so dense and tightly packed with matter that not even light can escape its surface. Black holes are the only objects in the universe that can also trap light. They get formed when a massive star collapses in on itself, becoming so dense that it bend and distort the fabric of space and time. Billions of billions of earth can go into a black hole and convert to nothingness. A black hole is such a strange thing in this universe that even time stops there inside a black hole. Black holes eat everything around its gravitational pull and suck the matter from nearby stars.

Space Time Curved
The black hole in our galactic center is thought to have a mass of 4 millions suns and diameter of 17 million Km. Such black holes are like hubs around which many