Book of Proverbs Synopsis: Statistics And Summary of Main Topics.

Book of Proverbs Chapter by Chapter Summary.




DATE WRITTEN: 950 – 700 BC

AUTHOR: Solomon


Superiority of the Way of  Wisdom: Wisdom From God


Father, Son, Wisdom girl and Adulteress.


1:5: let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.

1:7: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

4:5: Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them.

8:13-14: To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech. Counsel and sound judgment are mine; I have understanding and power.


The book of Proverbs is short sayings of wisdom. Wisdom is the attitude which puts God as man’s guide and master. There is no specific plot or story-line in this book also there are no principal characters in the book. It is made up of six collections of proverbs and tells how to live wisely in the world. The book provides practical guidance to help God’s people follow the way of the Lord and to live fruitful and beneficial lives. There is the repeated assertion that the source of true wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Wisdom is about discipline, doing what is right, just and fair. Wisdom is personified as a beautiful young woman who calls out in the streets. Her offer is to come and learn from her. Anyone can be wise if they acknowledge their need. For the most part, Proverbs is the instructions of a father to his son. It relates to a variety of topics and themes but always comes back to the way of wisdom. In the first nine chapters, the father talks to his son and urges him to pursue wisdom. In chapter 8 Lady Wisdom speaks for herself. We find out that not only is she beautiful but powerful. Kings come to her for advice not the other way around. She says she was the first thing that God brought forth at creation and she understands how it is all put together. So you will never understand the world without knowing her. However, there is another woman whom the father warns his son about. She is louder and ostentatious and very enticing. The other woman is the adulteress. Because the opposite of wisdom is not ignorance but sin. The adulteress seems to have everything to offer that a young man would want. But what you can’t see is the result and that is always death. Both women are continually calling out and inviting. The question is whom the son will listen to and follow. The last two chapters are sayings and discourses from wise men and women other than Solomon.  Proverbs are not promises and should not be taken as such.


Chapter#1: Purpose of the proverbs. Dangers of bad association. True wisdom cries out publicly
Chapter#2: The value of wisdom. Seek wisdom as for hidden treasures. Thinking ability, a protection. Immorality brings disaster
Chapter#3: Be wise and trust in Jehovah. Honor Jehovah with valuable things. Wisdom brings happiness. Wisdom brings security. Proper conduct toward others. Do good to others when possible
Chapter#4: A father’s wise instruction. Above all, acquire wisdom. Shun wicked paths. Path of righteous gets brighter. “Safeguard your heart”
Chapter#5: Warning against immoral women. Rejoice with your wife
Chapter#6: Beware of guaranteeing a loan. “Go to the ant, you lazy one” A useless and wicked man. Seven things Jehovah hates. Guard against a bad woman
Chapter#7: Embrace God’s commands and live. A naive young man seduced. “Like a bull to the slaughter”
Chapter#8: Wisdom personified speaks. ‘I am the earliest of God’s works’. ‘As a master worker at God’s side’. I was fond of the sons of men.
Chapter#9: True wisdom invites. “By me your days will be many”. A stupid woman invites. “Stolen waters are sweet”
Chapter#10: A wise son makes his father rejoice. Diligent hands bring riches. Use of many words brings transgression. Jehovah’s blessing makes rich. The fear of Jehovah prolongs life
Chapter#11: Wisdom is with the modest ones. The apostate brings others to ruin. “Success through many advisers”. The generous person will prosper. One trusting in his riches will fall.
Chapter#12: One who hates reproof has no sense. Thought-less speech is like the stabs of a sword. Promoting peace brings joy. Lying lips detestable to Jehovah. Anxiety weighs the heart down.
Chapter#13: Those who seek advice are wise. Hope delayed makes the heart sick. A faithful envoy brings healing. Walking with the wise makes one wise. Discipline, an expression of love.
Chapter#14: The heart knows its own bitterness. A way that seems right may bring death. The naive believe every word. Many are the friends of the rich. A calm heart gives the body life.
Chapter#15: A mild answer turns away rage. Jehovah’s eyes are everywhere. Upright one’s prayer pleases God. Plans fail without consultation. Meditate before answering.
Chapter#16: Jehovah examines the motives. Commit your works to Jehovah. Honest scales are from Jehovah. Pride is before a crash. Gray hair, a crown of beauty.
Chapter#17: Do not repay bad for good. Leave before the quarrel starts. A true friend loves at all times. “A joyful heart is good medicine”. A discerning man restrains his words.
Chapter#18: Isolating oneself is selfish and unwise. Jehovah’s name a strong tower. Wealth is only an imaginary protection. Wisdom of listening to both sides. A friend sticks closer than a brother.
Chapter#19: Insight slows down one’s anger. A quarrel-some wife is like a leaking roof. A discreet wife is from Jehovah. Discipline a child while there is hope. Wisdom of listening to counsel.
Chapter#20: Wine is a ridiculer. The lazy do not plow in winter. A man’s thoughts like deep waters. Warning against vowing hastily. Young men’s glory their strength.
Chapter#21: Jehovah directs a king’s heart. Justice better than sacrifice. Diligence leads to success. One that not listening to the lowly will not be heard. No wisdom in opposition to Jehovah.
Chapter#22: A good name better than great wealth. Early training will last a lifetime. The lazy one fears the lion outside. Discipline removes foolishness. A skillful worker serves kings.
Chapter#23: Be discreet in accepting hospitality. Do not pursue riches. Wealth can fly away from you. Do not be among heavy drinkers. Alcohol will bite like a serpent.
Chapter#24: Do not envy evil men. By wisdom a house is built up. Righteous man may fall but will get up. Do not retaliate. Slumbering brings poverty.
Chapter#25: Confidentiality. Well-chosen words. Respecting privacy. Heaping coals on an enemy’s head. A good report is like cold water.
Chapter#26: Lazy ones described. Stay out of another’s quarrel. Avoid practical jokes. No wood, no fire. A slanderer’s words are like tasty morsels
Chapter#27: Reproof from a friend beneficial. My son, make my heart rejoice. Iron sharpens iron. Know your flock. Wealth does not last forever
Chapter#28: Prayer of the unresponsive one is detestable. Mercy shown to the one confessing. No quick riches without guilt. Reproof better than flattery. A generous one lacks nothing
Chapter#29: Unrestrained child brings shame. Without a vision, people go wild. An angry man stirs up strife. A humble man obtains glory. Fear of men is a snare
Chapter#30: Give me neither poverty nor riches. Things that never get satisfied. Things that leave no trace. An adulterous woman. Animals instinctively wise
Chapter#31: Who can find a capable wife?. Industrious and hardworking. Kindness is on her tongue. Children and husband praise her. Charm and beauty fleeting.