Book of Genesis Synopsis: Statistics And Summary of Main Topics.

Book of Genesis Chapter by Chapter Summary.




DATE WRITTEN: 1450 – 1410 BC



The Beginning, Creation, Salvation, Sin, Divine Grace, Deliverance.


God, Adam, Eve, Serpent, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph


1:1: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

3:15: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

12:2-3: “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

50:20: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”


Genesis means beginning. This book is sometimes being called the “seed-plot” of the entire Bible. As its title implies, it is the framework of the Bible, on which everything is built. The book tells of the Creation followed by the rebellion of our first parents. It then records the increase of sinfulness in the earth followed by the flood in which the only human survivors were Noah and his family. Another rebellion against God’s commands is stopped by the introduction of different languages. The Book can be broken into two parts: Old History consisting of Creation of heavens and earth and then Fall of Adam till flood of Noah and second part which mainly consists of the history records of four great human beings 1- Abraham chapter 12-25, 2- Isaac chapter 21-35, 3- Jacob chapter 25-50 and 4- Joseph chapter 30-50.


Chapter#1 Overview Of The Creation. Creation of the heaven, the earth, plants, animals and man in six days. Day 1- light; day and night. Day 2- expanse. Day 3- dry land and vegetation. Day 4- heavenly luminaries. Day 5- fish and birds. Day 6- land animals and humans.
Chapter#2 The Seventh Day, God Rests. The Man and the woman in the garden of Eden. Some Details Of The Creation. The First Woman. Forbidden tree of knowledge.
Chapter#3 Origin Of Sin. The serpent enticed Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden tree. Paradise Lost: God’s Judgment. The punishment of mankind. Their first clothing. Expulsion from Eden.
Chapter#4 Cain and Abel. First Murder. God curses Cain. Cain’s descendants and family history. The birth of Seth and Enos.
Chapter#5 Genealogy From Adam To Noah. The godliness and translation of Enoch. Enoch walked with God.
Chapter#6 Building Of The Ark. Wickedness in the earth increased. God declares to destroy the world. Noah commissioned to build an ark.
Chapter#7 Coming Of The Flood. Entering The Ark. The global Flood. All flesh is destroyed by it.
Chapter#8 Ending Of The Flood. The ark rests on Ararat. A Raven then a Dove sent out. The Lord’s Promise.
Chapter#9 Noah’s Family. Instructions for all humankind. Rainbow covenant. Noah gets drunk; Noah dies.
Chapter#10 Genealogy Of Noah’s Sons. The family history of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah. Nimrod the first monarch, and the descendants of Canaan.
Chapter#11 Tower Of Babel. One language in the world. God confuses the language. From Shem to Abram. Terah, with Abram and Lot, remove from Ur to Haran.
Chapter#12 Call Of Abram. Abram leaves Haran for Canaan. Abram and Sarai in Egypt. Pharaoh and Fear that made Abram pretend his wife to be his sister.
Chapter#13 Abram’s Move To Canaan. The Parting Of Abram And Lot and Lot goes to Sodom. God’s Third Promise To Abram.
Chapter#14 War Of The Kings. The battle of four kings against the king of Sodom and his allies. Abram Rescues Lot. Melchizedek blesses Abram.
Chapter#15 Promises To Abram. The 400 years of affliction foretold. Canaan is promised again, and confirmed by a sign, and a vision.
Chapter#16 Hagar conceives. Hagar flees to the wilderness, then returns. Birth Of Ishmael To Abram And Hagar. Hagar And The Angel Of God.
Chapter#17 Abram becomes Abraham. Sarai becomes Sarah. Covenant Of Circumcision. Abraham’s Household Circumcised. Mark Of The Covenant.
Chapter#18 The Lord & two angels appear to Abraham. God Appears To Abraham As A Man. A son promised to Sarah; she laughs. Abraham reasoned with the Lord about Sodom.
Chapter#19 Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah. Two angels met Lot in Sodom. The vicious Sodomites are smitten with blindness. Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed. Lot’s wife becomes a pillar of salt. Lot And His Daughters. The incestuous origin of Moab and Ammon.
Chapter#20 Abraham moved to Gerar. Abraham’s Deceit With Abimelech. Sarah rescued from Abimelech.
Chapter#21 Birth Of Isaac. Ishmael mocks Isaac. Enmity Between Sarah And Hagar. Hagar and Ishmael sent away. Ishmael grows up. Abraham makes a covenant with Abimelech.
Chapter#22 God Tests Abraham. Sacrifice Of Isaac. Rebekah’s Family.
Chapter#23 Death And Burial Of Sarah. The acquisition of the field and cave of Machpelah. Sarah buried.
Chapter#24 Abraham’s Servant Finds A Wife For Isaac. Marriage Of Isaac And Rebekah
Chapter#25 Abraham remarries. Birth Of Esau And Jacob. Abraham’s Death. Esau sells his birthright.
Chapter#26 Isaac goes to Gerar, lies about Rebekah. Isaac’s covenant with Abimelech. Famine And The Redigging Of The Wells. Esau’s Wives
Chapter#27 Isaac grows old & requests meat from Esau. Jacob pretends to be Esau. Esau Begs For Isaac’s Blessing. Esau’s animosity toward Jacob.
Chapter#28 Isaac blesses Jacob & sends him to Laban in Haran. Esau marries again. Jacob’s Dream about a ladder to heaven And Promise.
Chapter#29 Jacob meets Laban. Jacob falls in love with Rachel. Jacob’s Marriages To Leah And Rachel. Leah bares Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Judah.
Chapter#30 Rachel gives Bilhah her maid unto Jacob. Growth Of Jacob’s Family And Possessions. Zilpah bears Gad and Asher. Leah bears Issachar and Zebulun. Rachel bears Joseph.
Chapter#31 Jacob secretly leaves Laban for Canaan. Rachel steals her father’s images. Laban overtakes Jacob. Deals Between Laban And Jacob
Chapter#32 Jacob’s Fight With An Angel. Jacob prepares to meet Esau. Jacob wrestles with God. Jacob’s name changed to Israel.
Chapter#33 Reunion Of Jacob And Esau. Jacob Meets Esau And Settles At Shechem.
Chapter#34 Shechem son of Hamor lies with Dinah. Rape Of Dinah. The sons of Jacob offer the condition of circumcision to the Shechemites and upon that advantage slay them, and spoil their city.
Chapter#35 Jacob moves to Bethel. God promises to Jacob, changes name to Israel. Birth Of Benjamin; Death Of Isaac.
Chapter#36 Genealogy Of Esau’s Descendants
Chapter#37 Sale Of Joseph Into Slavery By His Older Brothers
Chapter#38 Sin Of Judah With His Daughter-In-Law Tamar
Chapter#39 Joseph taken to Egypt, bought by Potiphar. Joseph resists Potiphar’s wife. Joseph’s Imprisonment By Potiphar
Chapter#40 Interpretation Of Pharaoh’s Servants’ Dreams. Pharaoh’s baker & butler offend king. Cast into Jail. Dream and interpretation. Butler restored. Baker killed.
Chapter#41 Interpretation Of Pharaoh’s Dreams. Joseph interprets dreams. Made ruler of Egypt.The seven years of plenty. Famine begins.
Chapter#42 First Trip Of Jacob’s Sons To Egypt. Joseph’s ten brothers go to Egypt to buy corn. Joseph accuses them of being spies. They were set free, on condition to bring Benjamin.
Chapter#43 Second Trip Of Jacob’s Sons To Egypt. The Banquet At Joseph’s House. Favors Benjamin.
Chapter#44 Joseph accuses brothers of stealing his silver cup. Judah’s Plea For Benjamin.
Chapter#45 Joseph reveals his identity. His brothers return to Canaan
Chapter#46 Jacob’s Family’s Move To Egypt. Names of those moving to Egypt.
Chapter#47 Pharaoh meets Joseph’s father & brothers. Jacob Settles In Goshen. Joseph’s Purchase Of All Egypt For Pharaoh
Chapter#48 Jacob’s Blessings On Joseph’s Sons Manasseh & Ephraim.
Chapter#49 Jacob gathers his 12 sons. Jacob’s Blessings On His Sons. Jacob’s burial instructions. Jacob dies
Chapter#50 Joseph buries Jacob in Canaan. Joseph comforts his brethren, who crave his pardon. Joseph forgives his brothers; Joseph dies.